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For those of you who know me well, my new Feng Shui services shouldn’t come as a complete surprise!

For others, here is a brief introduction to me and my new Feng Shui Consultancy:

After a varied and fulfilled teaching career in further and higher education, both in the UK and abroad, my passion for Complementary Therapies progressed from the more conventional treatments such as Reflexology, different types of Massage and Aromatherapy, to the less familiar healing energy techniques such as Reiki and Chinese Feng Shui.

Translated, Feng Shui means ‘Wind and Water’, two main positive streams of energy, which flow above and below the ground, creating a balance of both negative (Yin) and positive (Yang) forces.

My first experience of Feng Shui occurred 25 years ago at a time in my life when I was eager for change; from then on, I have never looked back. I have since met and worked with other practitioners, researching the various philosophies of this fascinating ‘energy therapy’, which has further reinforced my knowledge and expertise.

I recently completed an Internationally acclaimed 2-year Feng Shui Diploma course and achieved my goal of becoming a Professional Consultant.

I would love to help and guide you to make the positive changes necessary for you also to realise and accomplish your ambitions and dreams…

Please contact me personally for more information!

Best wishes for 2021,                                                                                                                    


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I would like to express my gratitude to Judith Hadley @ Natural Harmony Therapies – at a time when I thought my life was crumbling around me; health, home, family, work and finances – Judith listened to my concerns and anxieties, and her calming influence and approach impressed me. She explained how Feng Shui could help me get my life back on track – if I was willing to apply the Feng Shui Principles.

When she visited my home, her amazing knowledge, encouragement, professionalism, and support gave me the confidence and understanding I needed, to make changes for a better life. Her guidance helped me to question and implement her suggestions and apply them to the real-life issues I was facing.

This opened me up to a diverse range of possibilities and opportunities we had discussed, that could help change my attitude and life, throughout this amazing Feng Shui journey.

Thank you

Trudy H

After finding what we considered to be our ‘Dream Home’, things started to go downhill shortly after moving in. The neighbourhood was quiet and well cared for to begin with, but we had lots of lovely ‘old’ neighbours, who inevitably passed on in time. As they did, property developers bought the houses and rented them out; unfortunately for us and them, this made things pretty difficult to live with as the tenants didn’t care where they dumped their rubbish and there was often shouting and swearing coming from across the road; we became quite unsettled.

Luckily for us, Judith came to the rescue and suggested a ‘FIX’, which we put in place immediately. It was quite incredible to watch things move – or people move. Within weeks, things started to improve as the worst offenders moved out and the houses were sold onto people who wanted to stay. Within around 6 months, every negative thing had gone and now, a year on, things have just gone from strength to strength.

We feel REALLY settled now and feel that we really do live in our ‘Dream House’ with a dream neighbourhood.

What a turnaround. What a star 🌟 Thank you Judith xx


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